About Us
We are Kathryn & Conley Netser, we acquired our first Great Dane in 1998, little did we know how much our lives would change.  Two years after that we acquired our first Great Dane show puppy and have been 100% hooked ever since.
We are totally dedicated to the breed and the betterment of the breed.  We are members of the Great Dane Club of Northern California - GDCNC website is www.greatdaneclub.org and the Great Dane Club of America - GDCA www.gdca.org, we were members of the Fremont Dog Training Club - FDTC until we moved to Idaho. 

We went to our first Nationals in Chandler Arizona in Oct 2005 with our Futurity nominated litter "The Brat Pack"who did quite well I might say.  That was an event that will forever bring us fond memories.       

We have been married since 1984 (we have known each other since 1969, when we first met and the spark was ignited).  We have raised four children and now working on our four legged fur kids.  

Our Great Danes are part of our family as well as show dogs.  The pictures to the left are a typical evening at our house, the biggest question is "who is going to get to the couch first"  

When we first got into Great Danes we knew we were in it for life, when planning a litter careful consideration is given to potential pedigress for compatibility to help produce Healthy as well as Beautiful pups.  This is our commitment to the breed.   

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.
 -Roger Caras
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